Ruth Shine School of Dance

School Info

Ruth Shine School of Dance offers dance classes for children and adults in Blessington, Co Wicklow and Palmerstown, Dublin 20. Specialising in classical ballet, we offer the highest standards of dance training in a supportive, fun and inclusive environment.

two young Irish girls wearing fairy wings on their leotards make a gesture of sleeping with their hands, they are on stage performing their ballet dance routine at a performance night for parents in Dublin, Ireland

For all students

Uniform Requirements

Three very elegant teenage girls in white ballet dresses and black undershirts practice ballet at a Dublin dance studio
  1. Youth

    Pre-School 1 & 2

    Pink RAD leotard & skirt, leather ballet shoes pink ballet socks/tights, hair in a bun.

  2. Youth

    Pre-Primary, Primary

    Marine blue leotard & skirt, leather ballet shoes pink ballet socks/tights, hair in a bun.

  3. Grades

    Grade 1, 2

    Mulberry RAD regulation leotard, character skirt, leather ballet shoes, black low-heeled character shoes, pink ballet socks/tights, hair in a bun

  4. Grades

    Grade 3, 4, 5

    Black leotard, character skirt, leather ballet shoes, black Cuban heel character shoes, pink ballet tights, hair in a bun

  5. Grades

    Grade 6+

    Black leotard, leather ballet shoes, black Cuban-heeled character shoes, pointe shoes (check with teacher), pink ballet tights

  6. Vocational

    Vocational Students (Inter Foundation and above)

    Black classic Bloch tank leotard (suggested), convertible tights, split sole ballet shoes

  7. Boys & Men

    Boys uniform

    Black dance shorts or leggings (must be neat fitting), white or blue dance t-shirt, white or black ballet shoes

  8. Acro Uniform


    black leotard and black shorts/leggings (must be neat fitting and hair tied back in low ponytail or plaits)

Need a uniform?

Uniforms can be purchased from the following shops

Dance World

163 Parnell St, Dublin 1
(01) 8744894

Dance World

16 Sandford Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6
(01) 4976128

Blessington Sports

Blessington Shopping Centre
089 4556468
the feet and lower legs of a female ballet dancer on her toes in very light pink ballet shoes at a dance studio, she has a pink skirt and the ballet dance studio is empty except for her

Students and Parents are advised

School Rules

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  • Students must arrive on time for class

  • Hair must be worn in a bun for class along with correct uniform

  • No jewellery or watches allowed in classes

  • Ballet is a discipline and requires practice at home. Parents can help students thrive by watching them practice at home

  • Fees must be paid at the beginning of every term

  • Parents are not permitted to stay/watch during class time